“Empowering rural and marginalized villages throughout the country through access to sustainable solar energy solutions”

For about 20 million Filipinos, life stands still at the setting of the sun.


For one of every five Filipinos with no access to electricity, productivity and opportunities are put on hold soon as the world turns dark. Students find it harder to study and learn, with the risk of the lantern tipping and causing a fire. Rural midwives and health workers have to help deliver babies with flashlights and candles. Teachers have to browse through paperwork with kerosene lanterns.

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“Our team works tirelessly to develop and obtain a sustainable solution to ensure continued growth in communities.”


The Solar Model

FREED’s goal is the sustainable development of all partnering communities. Following the strategic re-planning in the spring of 2019, a new program model was established consisting of 6 new programs:


SELF is the first to be implemented into any new partnering community. It involves empowering schools through access to energy to improve learning and teaching environments. Following a successful application of the SELF program, ASCEND Resiliency will ensure that sustainability is achieved through educating and delegating. The Solar Model shows how FREED assists through teaching and leading, until ultimately our partnering communities learn the technology and can maintain and sustain power independently.

After the successful implementation of ASCEND Resiliency, SHINE, Water ACCESS, InCREASE and ViSTA can be applied if the communities express the necessity.

We at FREED work alongside our partnering communities establishing a functional partnership and ensure that the help we give is what the communities want and need, and that the empowerment can be maintained for years to come.

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