The Need

The Philippines is a country that is very vulnerable to natural hazards and disasters. It lies within the Pacific Typhoon Belt, placing it within the path of an average of 20 typhoons a year, the most massive of which has been Super Typhoon Haiyan that sliced through the country in 2013. It is also within the Pacific Ring of Fire, that causes frequent earthquakes of varying intensity, as well as volcanic activities.

Filipinos regularly face the dangers of these natural hazards, making us at risk of falling victims to natural disasters: loss of lives, of loved ones, of livelihood and properties. At times like these, one of the first to be cut off are access to electricity and communications. Survivors are cut off from their families and from outside support, with no or limited access to basic needs.

Our Light for Emergency initiatives aim to empower affected communities and families to recover from emergencies and  disasters. We complement the services and programs of emergency responders and other service-oriented organizations to be able to help provide relief and recovery opportunities to affected families.


Solar Suitcase for Emergency Response


We value the work and contributions of emergency responders who go to disaster areas to provide rescue, relief assistance and hope to families and communities affected by disasters and calamities.

The SSER program aims to equip emergency responders with portable, reliable light and power when they need it the most, during their emergency response operations.


Portable solar suitcases are lent to accredited emergency response organizations whenever they deploy their team to emergency and disaster areas.  The Suitcases provide bright lights and can also power their mobile phones, satellite phones, laptops, and small/low-powered medical diagnostic equipment, among others.

Emergency response organizations are accredited in order to get access to the repository.  Accreditation process includes the adherence to the SSER policies of responsibility and accountability, as well as the completion of a ladderized training on solar use, management and repair. 


SOlar DIsaster RElief and Recovery Assistance


Our Solar Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance (DRRA) Project was born in 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda), sliced through the Philippines and devastated 41 provinces, affecting up to 4.3 million of Filipinos.

With DRRA, we hope to light up the lives of families and communities affected by emergencies and disasters, by providing them with solar lanterns.  We prioritize service-oriented organizations and institutions so more of the community can benefit: health workers/centers, teachers and schools, evacuation centers, debris clearing organizations, social workers, barangay halls, among others.  

We provide assistance to households, only if we can provide to all affected households within the affected community (sitio/purok).


StS usually receives requests for solar lantern donations from affected communities. We partner with civil society organizations that have presence or assistance initiatives in the affected community. Together, we facilitate the donations of solar lanterns or solar home systems (that has lights and the capacity to provide mobile phone charging), with equal emphasis on user orientations, sustainability mechanisms and community-based technical support.

StS acts as conduit of care and support of donors and sponsors to disaster-affected families and communities, through the DRRA Project.