Empowering Health

The Need

Every year, about 4,600 women die giving birth in the Philippines. Most of these happen in impoverished and isolated rural areas, with less or no access to proper medical support and health facility. 


Through our Empowering Health program, we aim to promote a healthier community by helping to ensure the provision of quality basic rural health services and facilities to effectively cater to the needs of the people.  


In partnership with We Care Solar, a US-based NGO, L4H provides surgical-grade lighting and basic powering capabilities to health centers and birthing centers using solar energy.  This comes in a suitcase designed to be installed in these facilities so they can efficiently provide medical service and support even at night time.

It is with hope that with the presence of the solar suitcase, we can somehow overcome the top 3 delays that cause maternal mortality: decision to seek medical care, remoteness of the health facility, and availability of appropriate care in the health facility.

How It Works

Local governments and civil society organizations can recommend one or more health facilities to receive a solar suitcase. Health facilities are screened based on need, readiness to provide 24/7 medical assistance to the community, and willingness to partner for the sustainable use and management of the solar suitcase. StS ensures that the health team is equipped to properly use and manage the solar suitcase, but also creates a technical-support that’s accessible within the community itself.


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