The need

Two out of fifteen Filipinos currently live in energy poverty, meaning that they lack of access to modern energy services. Subsequently, their productivity as well as their opportunities are often suspended as soon as the sun goes down. FREED is working directly to combat this issue in the most disadvantaged communities across the Philippines through the implementation of off-grid solar PV systems. Through this access to clean and reliable electricity, these communities are able to enjoy Increased study and family time, access to multimedia teaching materials, easier communication through phones, an increased feeling of safety at night, and an increase in communal gathering for social interaction and adhesion.

P9b Children Studying w Kerosene 2.JPG

Our past projects have led to a:

94% increase in study hours

88% increase in school activities

88% increase in cellphone charging capabilities

55% decrease in rainy day interruptions


FREED makes every effort to ensure that each system is not only technologically and economically feasible, but also that each project adequately address the challenges that the community faces while ensuring that each community has the knowledge and resources to sustainably maintain the system once the project is implemented. Rather than viewing each community as a beneficiary, FREED treats each community as a partner who works alongside the project at every stage in its development. This dynamic relationship ensures the longevity of FREED projects.


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